Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Kari is actually Jeany's brother.


You're home late.

Would you like to be my friend?

Eddy pays Emily three hundred dollars a week to clean his house.

Those went there by bicycle.

This project is shovel-ready.

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I think they were talking about you.

It is a counterintuitive fact that light objects fall to earth just as quickly as heavy ones.

I think now would be a really good time to talk to Victor about that.


That's where the treasure's buried.

He regrets having been lazy.

We should celebrate together.


Lance began to laugh.


You'll bounce back.

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The man whom she is talking with is Mr Allen.

The teacher often emphasizes that students should have courage.

Take it away, please.


The monuments of wit survive the monuments of power.

The mother will not be at ease until she hears of her son's safe arrival.

I just want to be happy.


Ravi is just plain ugly.

What a beautiful field!

Manuel ran too fast for us to catch up with him.

Kenji told his friends a story about his trip to India.

Do you have an itinerary for your business trip?

I remember what you said.

You ought not to believe him.

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A group of young men were fighting.

To our great disappointment, the game was called off.

He participated in the horse dressage competition.

Devon's explanation is very elaborate.

I know exactly where I am.


Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.

Could I see your driver's license?

Will the train leave on time?

Why don't you borrow Donn's truck?

I don't want to get up.

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The engineers changed designs frequently.

When was the last time you had to remind me to do something?

How is the patient this morning?

I ask you, he's been cheating me!

I made a statement.


I couldn't go there today.

Avoid heavy labor It will be better in two weeks.

In the sixteenth century Turkish and Spanish pirates often encountered in Mediterranean Sea.

The leader should know where to set up the tent.

I don't understand English.

I'm not that stupid, you know!

Poverty is everywhere.

In the same amount of time it would take me to correct all the mistakes in your report, I could write a better report myself.

Is this pencil yours?


Val caught a fish with his bare hands.

Blaine seems to be in a really good mood today.

Chet must be winning.

It's way too crowded in here. Let's go somewhere else.

Take your place.

I want to go to Britain.

Brad seldom speaks to Hazel.

Please credit my account for the returned item.

I definitely want to do that.

All his political enemies showed themselves at his funeral.

I'd better go find her.


She is a very cheerful and gragarious person.

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"Are scientists close to cloning a human being?" "Not by a long shot."

My brother named his cat Huazi.

What were we talking about, again?

I need a cigarette.

Presumably, none of the people are more than 25 years old.

My dad won't let my sister go to Boston.

Was anyone really surprised?

Business expenses are tax-deductible.

Vincenzo wanted to be the best.

Ahmed will freeze to death out there.

Giovanni lives in a nursing home.


Dan didn't even act sick.

i was not sleep well.

We were living in Osaka for ten years before we came to Tokyo.


I would rather fail than copy.

I am sure I saw her two years ago.

I know the subject well.

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We went to Barcelona.

I'll sleep on the couch. You can have my bed.

This is true of students.


This is a rule.

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Dean kept knocking on the door, but nobody came.

I was your age.

We often hear it said that Japanese people are conservative.

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Julie took off on his bike.

She always winds up a conversation with a wave of her hand.

It's just way too dangerous.


I was trying to distract her.


Man is the only animal that writes books.

I can't count on Perry.

Man must take a lesson from difficult situation and bad condition which befall in her/his life.


That's my father's house.

You have to change trains at the next stop.

Don't you touch me, you'd make me dirty!

I do not like music.

Who'll believe that?


Kate was surprised by Brian's story.

I'll wait a day or two.

It is our policy not to give out personal information.

She takes her dog to the park before breakfast.

Do you have any idea who that was?


I'm worn out.

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A protagonist as plain and ordinary as him is rare indeed.

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The train had already left when I got to the station.

They suggested that we should put the plan into practice right now.

Bartender, I'd like to have a drink.

Are you leaving today?

Don't tell them you're a cop.

The test of democracy is freedom of criticism.

Who are you going to send that to?

Every man is a potential corpse.

It's a double-edged sword.


Juri decided to do it at all costs.

The temperature fell.

How much did these sunglasses cost?

He should have bought some pencils.

I have urgent business with you.

A smile may convey understanding, joy, or an appreciation of humor.

Written as it is plain English, this book is useful for beginners.

Toby thought this was funny.

He flushed into rage.

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That's my chair.

I went over the itinerary with my co-workers.

He's dieting.

We should hire a lawyer.

Instead use words like "some", "many", "often", and begin statements with openers like, "In my experience, ...", "Excuse me if I'm wrong, but...", "In many instances, ...."

"I thought you'd give this laughter its due!" "This is crud! They're laughing at me!" "You don't say?"

He was laughing all the way to the bank.

I barely missed being struck.

Hein is very outgoing.


Shari is a misanthrope.


John is not the man that he was three years ago.


For all his wealth, he was still unhappy.

Shuvra isn't accustomed to doing that.

That just happened.

He can go out on condition he comes home by five.

To drive a car, you have to get a driver license.


Nils told Shuvra not to go there alone.


The bells started to ring.

That was the problem with Bernie.

No, you can't.


I was very happy there.

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What's up with that?


It's all up to me to save the day.


Can you leave it with me till this afternoon?


It is said that Tokyo is a very safe city.

My uncle is angry.

Did we get better?


The following tips can help.

You must make much of time.

They called on us to do something to help the victims.


She has a swimming pool.

We're spending Christmas Eve at our grown daughter's house.

It must've been love.