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Compassmax Dry Cleaning Software

There are many canned software options when it comes to dry cleaning software, but Compassmax Dry Cleaning Software is different. The development team at Maineline Technology Group can customize the software for your specific needs. The Compassmax Dry Cleaning Software provides a comprehensive set of features that will make running your Dry Cleaning business more efficient and improve your ability to serve your valued customers. If you have additional questions about our Software for dry cleaners, please (408) 400-6467.

Compassmax Dry Cleaning Software

Compassmax, software for dry cleaners, is the most comprehensive Dry Cleaning Software solution available that enables you to run your dry cleaning business more efficiently.

Compassmax dry cleaning software was designed, developed and tested by Maineline Technology group who has been selling, installing and supporting dry cleaners software for the fabricare industry for the past twenty-five years.

Compassmax has become the industry leader for providing dry cleaner software solutions through continued product innovation and customer input.

Compassmax enables dry cleaners to run the day-to-day operations more efficiently, saving you both time and money, while giving you the ability to provide top-notch dry cleaning customer service. With features such as Point of Sale (POS), Customer Management and Accounts Receivable, Automated Assembly and Ticketing, Compassmax leads the way to a better profitability for you and your business. Maineline can even customize the software for your specific needs. Get a step-up on your competition... order Compassmax Dry Cleaning Software today!

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Customer Reviews

  • “Compassmax consistently delivers the best product and service in the industry. With 15 stores, a central server, barcoding, and two assembly conveyors, Compassmax made all of the necessary transitions effortless and quick for us. Their prices are fair and their 24/7 customer support gives us peace of mind that problems will be addressed and solved quickly. When it comes to a computer system for the dry cleaning industry, there is only one choice – Compassmax.”

    David Coyle, In The Bag Cleaners - Wichita, KS

  • “I have been using Compass and Compassmax software from Maineline for over 20 years. During this time, my business has grown and evolved in ways I never could have predicted two decades ago. Incredibly, Maineline has actually been able to stay ahead of the curve through their innovative and indispensable technology. At Meurice, we rely on Compassmax and they do not disappoint. They meet every problem as a challenge. They offer solutions rather than excuses. They support my network and my business with a dedication that’s as rare as it is appreciated. They even will fix problems with equipment purchased elsewhere. All this wonderful service doesn’t come at the expense of cutting edge technology. In fact, the two coexist beautifully under the Compassmax umbrella.”

    Wayne Edelman, Meurice Garment Care - New York, NY

  • “The Compassmax system has been a great investment for our company. It has provided the tools we need to more easily manage our multiple stores. We are now able to instantly generate information on any aspect of our business, be automatically informed of any potentially suspicious transactions as well as create and execute effective marketing campaigns. This can all be done from anywhere there is internet access. The wealth of information at our fingertips has enabled us to manage our business in a much more cost effective manner. Thanks to the Compassmax system, theft and the individuals responsible for it have been identified and eliminated from within our company. We are also able to wow our customers with various marketing campaigns that Compassmax enables us to do.”

    Bake Shaffer, Shaffer Cleaners - Tuscon, AZ

  • “We have just approached our 5th year of being on Compassmax. Wow, what a positive difference you have made in our business! Your prompt response in customer service, the easy to use program, simplicity in creating reports, your ability to accommodate the users needs in program upgrades, the accurate Customer History Tracking, valuable marketing information at the touch of a button and to top it off, the fantastic support team that is available 24/7, especially when we needed you the most. Best of all – the friendships that we cherish. In this ever changing world of business it is great to have Maineline, a company that makes our life easier, on our team! Thank you, two simple words filled with a heart full of gratitude.”

    Susan and Barbara, Sun Country Cleaners - Largo, FL

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