That boy is Tony, isn't he?

My granddaughter's behaviour has caused a rift in our family.


Brake lightly before making a turn.

You were like a brother to me.

I could help them.

Maria was under a lot of stress at the time.

I really don't think that's a good idea.

I haven't seen anything.

You love your wife, right?

You seem to want me to talk you out of it.

Two stockings are called a pair of stockings.

We should listen to him.

I try to do a little every day.


The gigantic tornado plowed its way through the city.

Matthew takes good care of his car.

The train was very crowded so I had to stand all the way to Ueno.

Don't let him leave.

What is the price for this?


I was outraged at the way she was treated.

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She is brave to live alone in the desert.

Marion's parents told him that, though they didn't like Spencer very much, they wouldn't stand in the way if he really wanted to marry her.

I want political asylum.


This pirate has a pet parrot.

She is, if anything, a little better today than yesterday.

He told me to be here at noon.


It is impossible for me to cleanly crack an egg with both hands.


I saw how he crossed the road.


This place is huge.

The scholarship enabled him to study abroad.

I've gotten used to doing things my own way.

How are payment methods different?

You said the same thing about Polly.


I've never seen The smile.

My baggage was lost in transit.

I like dark chocolate.

Wendi doesn't want to do anything that will upset Peter.

I just wanted to get away.

What! You had donkeys in your school?

He took out some coins.

"I have to stop you from doing that." "Stop me from doing what?"

Many people believe that Kurt and Frank are secretly in love with each other.


This is for us.


It's not because you have a title, that you're a noble. There are people who have a natural nobility and are fine nobles. People like us who only have nobility titles are not nobles, we're more like peasants.

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All Metin does nowadays is swim.

You're the repairmen, right?

She's already married.

It doesn't concern you.

I was surprised when Triantaphyllos said he was going to study abroad.

He's the best man in his field.

My grandmother's mother is my "great grandmother," so my great grandmother's mother is my "great great grandmother"? Is that right?

I'm just under 150 centimeters tall.

They always say that.


Barry is drawing something.

Niels drank a lot.

This is the third time this month that Price has been late.

I'm trying to get someone to help me.

Lois thought where he put his gold coins was the perfect hiding place. However, he was wrong.

She asked him to read it for her because she had lost her glasses.

You won't be happy no matter what I do.


It must be him.

I'll be able to finish in a day or two.

Has Vladimir really come back?


I ripped the envelope open.


I'm going to take some pictures.

Celeste burst out crying.

Where did you shore them up?


Isaac thinks it possible for Kay to get a job with that company.

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I will not tolerate fighting in my class.

From your lips to God's ears!

Margie doesn't want to lose you.

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This happened in autumn. Light gray clouds covered the sky.

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As elevation increases, air pressure decrease.

Can I borrow this umbrella?

Vilhelm wants you to hear this.


If it happened to Elliot, it could happen to me.

You agree with Sue, right?

Don't ask him any questions about his marriage.

This guy is really cute.

Betty doesn't need to get up so early tomorrow.

The Sochi official mascots are The Polar Bear, The Hare, The Leopard and two aliens called The Snowflake and The Ray of Light.

Laurie sounded really upset.


I will not stand for this.

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Coleen doesn't look so happy.


She is an expert.

What do you guys think of us?

The bun was half eaten.


I want them.


The project is not going well.

I wish we'd bought another bottle of wine.

What time are you having lunch?

I was coming home from some place at the end of the world, about three o'clock of a black winter morning, and my way lay through a part of town where there was literally nothing to be seen but lamps.

You look very elegant.


I'll talk to him tomorrow.


We suffered a lot.


I just hope I get paid.

Raymond refused treatment.

I'm sure Guillermo will appreciate the gift.


I was too excited to look her in the eyes.

Is there a problem?

There are a few nuclear bomb shelters in the city.

We are not born for ourselves.

I was given this watch by my uncle.

These things just happen.

Which is your favorite shrike?


Unless you keep early hours, you will injure your health.

Don't set foot in that neighborhood.

I tried my best, only to fail again.

I've been wandering around.

I still can't figure that out.


What does Earle really think of Bill?

Each of them has to write a report about what he saw.

Is it a general custom in your country?

For me, skiing is by far more interesting than skating.

No other boy in his class is so tall as he.

We call this mountain Tsurugidake.

Girls use makeup in their low teens.

I'll stay until tomorrow.

Will you make a list of issues to discuss?


It wasn't my idea.

That was really unfair.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

The dowser used a dowsing rod to search for water.

That's all, thanks.

Serdar never has a pencil with him.

Warren probably saved my life.

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He listens to a short wave radio station.

The physical world is a complex network of events, and nothing occurs for only one reason.

It's quite possible that I'm mistaken.

If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it.

Is it possible for me to raise the animal?


For the most part I will agree with what he said.

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Kitty bought some croutons.


How are you getting along with your new classmates?


I couldn't keep from snickering.

How do you want me to handle this?

You'll never be able to do it by yourself.

Do not try to catch me!

Ofer is responsible for preparing the report.


You should tell me what to do.

Nikolai can't be in Boston. I just saw him in Chicago.

Everyone's watching us.


Who is guilty of telling the secret?

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The days are dragging slowly by.


Guy, with whom I am sharing a room, is messy.

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I'm studying Farsi.

Look at the tall pretty girl standing there.

You've taught me so much.

Well, I can't spend $12,000 on a handbag, but it's free to look at those who do with righteous condemnation.

They won't hurt you.

Maybe Bob would like that.

He took a shortcut through the forest.

He wasted that which he had received from his father.

Tropical rainforests produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide.

Amy could hear birds chirping outside his window.

Trevor is busier than Jared.

Chris' heart felt so empty and damaged that it couldn't be repaired.

Why is there no more wine in the bottle? Did you children drink it?