18 Years of Global Images To Analyze

World’s largest collection of satellite imagery, inside a familiar Jupyter environment.

Multispectral and high-resolution imagery

Analyze at continental scale using our tasking engine.

Run all the ML & Big Data Python libraries

The cleanest imagery data for your products.

Quick Tutorials To Get Started

To learn more about notebooks and view live examples, choose from our content below:

Getting Started

These will help you understand the GBDX Notebooks platform for working with remote sensed images. You should start your learning here.

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Advanced Remote Sensing

Notebooks that demonstrate more advanced techniques you can use for your analysis. Some of these require having an evaluation or paid tier account.

Machine Learning

Notebooks which demonstrate how to carry out machine learning on satellite images. Examples include Neural Networks and Sagemaker integration.

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Use Cases

These are notebooks that demonstrate applied use cases, such as feature detection, land cover classification, and other applications of the techniques you learned in the previous tutorials.

Featured User Notebooks

A showcase of some of the amazing analysis or techniques our user community has created on the platform.

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