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Strata title, sometimes called community title, is a form of property ownership devised for multi-level apartment blocks, townhouses and various other forms of development with shared areas and facilities.

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SCA is the peak association supporting the strata sector, representing over 3,300 member companies and individuals. We bring together people who manage strata schemes, live in strata communities, or provide services for them. We also offer education, advice, and advocacy to enable better understanding of strata regulations, obligations, and owners rights. Become an SCA member. Learn about accreditation. Develop your professional skills. 845-988-9308 with us. 

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Issues involving short-term leases are concerning councils and owners of apartments and townhouses across Australia. 


Checking your tradie

Any contractor working on common property
should be properly certified.
But how can you be sure they really are?...


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Build your career in strata management via the national training pathway offered by SCA. See the courses available year round...