I'm impressed, Marcia.

He should be put in prison.

Stephanie is getting away.

I need you to tell me about the problem.

He is always scared.

He caught a big one.

Bradford never worried about Brent.

I would like you to know how much you mean to me.

Is it possible to buy potatoes here?

Judging from his appearance, he must be the conductor.

I found a lost cat for which its owner had been searching.


I am not concerned with this affair.

I can understand everything he is saying.

Let us know how that works out for you.

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Kriton swam across the river.

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How silly of me!


Have you ever lied to your boyfriend?


Don't trust Donne.


She always loves to learn new things.

He ran, so as to arrive on time.

I always speak French with her.

The trees are green.

He even wrote me poems.

Connie has left the room.

I didn't get one.


Tobacco smoke is productive of cancer.

Jay nervously looks over to Hartmann.

Alcohol is also cheap in Germany.

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Space told me how to get to his house.

It's a beautiful fabric.

Do you want to know what happened to Natraj?


What you say now isn't consistent with what you said before.

Ted is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Words rarely have only one meaning.

It is vain to argue with them about the problem.

A madman is not accountable for his actions.


Don't be so sensitive.

Clifford was amusing.

Hold the rope.


The glass got broken.

Victor doesn't want to hear anything Jelske has to say.

I'm the one who's been lied to.

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Make it a normal packed lunch, OK?


My favourite type of food is chocolate fudge.

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They can understand me.

His behavior alienated his friends.

Matthias told me that he doesn't have a problem with that.

I don't think I've ever been this happy.

She fell in love with one of her students.

A good idea occurred to me last night.

I asked her to come.

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Have you heard from him?

It's the height of luxury.

Everything is great.

We received an acknowledgement of our letter.

We'll handle it.

I bought the car at a 10% discount.

Ross had to make a tough decision.

Investigators are running a probe into what caused the crash.

It will not be long before we know the result.

He was accused of murdering his wife and child.

I'd better not tell you about that now.

I'm here with her.

I don't understand it.

She suggested that he try it.

I will miss this place.

How do we get her out of jail?

In the absence of firm evidence the prisoner was set free.

I really want to get this work done.

He is aiming for the directorship.

Yoko bought some of them.

They questioned him.

Morris is a glaciologist.

I heard Kimberly come in.

Nothing unexpected happened today.

Gymnasts are among the most flexible of all athletes.

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She left the house without saying goodbye.

Daren led Saul into the cave.

He can't do it.

His story seems to be strange.

I think we should stop doing that.

"You aren't going to tell Jeanette, are you?" "And why not?"

I hope you can help me.

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What did you measure it with?


I'm sure Gordon will appreciate any help you can offer.

I like her cat.

I admit that it's strange.

Jarl is going to be right back.

That's exactly what Kristian was talking about.

And so everything ends up coming down on Mai's shoulders.

My mother didn't see the boy on the street.


Ramesh may have to quit his job.

Whoever stole the money should be fired.

Is that the guitar you bought from Brandi?

You always tell me to think for myself.

Can anyone confirm that?

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Why are we still alive?

Seems like every problem we manage to solve requires a greater genius to correct the damage the solution had caused.

Yesterday I received a letter from an old friend.

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Lester, don't listen to them!

I think we'd better do that.

He is not what he was ten years ago.


Did you tell Andries I was joking?

Many museums are closed on Mondays.

Thus I tell you don't just go alone

His diligence earned him success.

I love you, Fido.

My mother is out.

It will snow tomorrow.


I must go there irrespective of what you think.


She's an important part of our family.

I want to get it right the first time.

The blue smoke from the guns rose like clouds over the dark trees.

I'm missing a sock.

I like the yogurt without preservatives.

The machine stopped functioning.

That's what Sjaak is known for.


They are seeing their uncle tomorrow.

It makes no difference.

Glen was muttering something under his breath.


I can bear witness to his innocence.

Christophe hanged himself in his jail cell.

The despot was seen surrounded by demonstrators.

The password is long.

You shot her, didn't you?

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I was definitely surprised.

Barack Obama is aiming for an international ban on nuclear weapons, but is not against them in all wars.

I've heard good things about you.

Give me three pieces of salmon.

Of course, I have a plan.

She was only too glad to help us.

That is why all the students in the class agreed with him.

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Try to keep up with Nancy.


Meg found a four leaf clover.

One can't be everywhere at the same time.

If you're not watching the TV, turn it off.

Canadian wheat prices are forecast to decrease.

Kemal donated three paintings to the museum.

Why do you do that?

That's what you do best, isn't it?

He is a warm-hearted man.

Words fail right when you need them.


Ramneek had to take care of Pierce.

Her pillow was wet with tears.

Anderson kissed me before he left.


He called a lot of people.

Don't talk so loud.

I just don't want anybody to get hurt.

Let's throw a party for them.

Donald, are you feeling alright?

You are shearing the sheep, aren't you?

Who do you trust?

My father has never, ever gone abroad.

What's your favorite energy drink?

She survived an abusive childhood.

Didn't I tell you how to do that already?

Art certainly has a well-trained dog.

Hilda felt smothered by Takao's constant protestations of love for her.

I've been saving these.

You have to watch out for avalanches at this time of the year.

I promised him I'd translate the whole interface.

It was a pity that Irving couldn't come to our party.

Rusty is elusive.

It was a quiet night.

The doctor persuaded him to give up smoking.

Nancy is much better at French than I am.

I thought it was a mistake to tell William the secret.

She is certain to come on time.