How could I go the heaven ?

The vacant lot is laid out as a park.

I'm looking over his report.

Louise saw Terrence enter the store.

How can I stop them?

It's very frustrating.

Whenever I come here, I feel at ease.

Stop trying to fool us.

Bryan put some flowers on Pria's grave.

What book is this?


It is terrible weather today.

I'm not giving up on you.

I took a walk with my dog this morning.

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When a police officer pulls you over for driving in the fast lane, does he have carte blanche to search your cell phone, too?

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My Lord I lose the game.

Where are our clothes made, and how are they being made?

You have to get rid of your philosophy of novelties.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Boston?

Luis has just finished writing his report.

What is at issue in this debate is the survival of our planet.

You should pay attention to your well-being.

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The policemen had already left.

Are you a bachelor?

I have a high opinion of him.

Ning's not as bad as you think.

There being no taxis available, we walked home.

I hired a guide.

I went the a ceremony of marrige in church, was beutiful and traditional.


Lighting the Hanukkah candles is a good deed.


What did you think of it?

You're not listening to me.

I find that difficult to believe.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith are the sort of couple who don't go out much in the evenings.


The lake is full of fish.

They were having a discussion about the wedding.

I'm not the only one interested in knowing where Claire was.


Hilda has contributed a lot of money to the charity.

They fought for freedom.

I won one.

You're very selfish.

If they got caught, they'd have to do five years.

Audrey is never on hand when I want him.

He died a few hours later.

I enjoy traveling.

Xiaoming cried for an hour while watching the movie.

Romain's deaf.

I found nothing but a pair of scissors.

Gary said that Jim never called.

My knowledge about Japanese is not that good yet.


When did you get to Boston?

My monkey ran away!

The Armenian Genocide left a total of one million and five hundred thousand deaths, including men, women and children.

You really should've let me call a cab.

I believe him to be a man of ability.

I felt I had to stay.

Haven't you returned those books yet?

My head is spinning.

I'll go if you pay me enough money.

It wasn't necessary for him to bring an umbrella.

Have you ever eaten an insect?

If you were Linder, what would you want?

It is often said that Japanese universities are difficult to enter, but easy to graduate from.


Ping is a really good driver.

She remarked that I should quit smoking.

What'll happen to Antony if he's found guilty?


Bush never violated the Geneva Convention.

Make good use of your time.

I can't ask Gunter to lie.

It's our responsibility to take care of this.

Do you have any rock CDs?


Only with this difference am I a man.

They died for the cause of liberty.

Never have I seen such a beautiful scene.

I give you plenty of money each month.

I often read comic books in my spare time at work.

We can drive in Japan when we are eighteen years old.

The thief was caught in the act.


Is that fair enough?

Ozan felt his way through the darkness.

It's something I'm proud of.


Arthur thinks that nothing bad can happen to him.

Are you going to take part in the contest?

I had a bad stomachache.

Michel doesn't seem very hungry.

Don't wake me up before 10.

I wouldn't mind a cup of coffee.

Debbie looked really busy.

Why should Sofoklis have all the fun?

We shouldn't tell her anything.

What has happened to him?

After two hours watching the TV, I used to feel drowsy.


There's quite a lot of things to do; do you want some help?

I could've died.

I was born to love you.

He has led a loose life since then.

I learned to dance when I was thirteen.

Venomous snakes don't live in our place.

I wasn't flirting.

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I've never seen Donne as happy as he was with Cliff.

Lex was too stunned to respond.

You'll get a reward for your cooperation.

That's exactly the kind of thing I don't want to hear you say.

Evelyn noticed a couple of changes.

I am shattered.

I'm all worn out.

She happily granted my request.

Dominick is probably still asleep.


She would never in the world marry Satou.

Where did he ever come up with the notion of opening a branch?

Ride with me.

I don't think I want to go there anymore.

Is that mandatory?

The path led to the village.

We agreed to refrain from smoking while we are at work.

Do you know where Myrick could have hidden his money?

You can't compete with me.


We will pay this amount by June 30.

She was sure the man was telling a lie.

I promise I'll call.


Lindsey began wearing glasses when he was three.

Have you been there yet?

Jamie has difficulty speaking.

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I'm too drunk.

How did the railway accident at Tokyo Station come about?

I am afraid she may have lost her way.

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I can't fix this.

He respects me.

She spends more time thinking about work than doing it.

I could hardly sleep last night.

Our factory needs a lot of machinery.


The astronauts were greeted with spontaneous applause.

We don't have much choice.

Lonesome George, the last remaining tortoise of his kind, died of unknown causes.

This box is not as big as that one.

I remember it all.

You are here in order to obey my commands.

I told him I hated him.

It wasn't anything serious.

His English is really good.

Vice wondered where to hang his coat.

My cat is really smart.


Huashi has a nice car.

Her political career has ended.

They are beginning their homework.

Boys are more likely than girls to arrive late for school.

I know Francois is a bank manager.

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Find out how Vijay plans to spend his weekend.

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You should've trusted me.

Liyuan trained very hard.

Today is this boy's birthday.


You can't buy that at the local convenience store.

Which dead musician would you like to come back as a zombie?

When did I ever lie to you?

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This medicine does not have side effects.

You're going to make millions.

Narendra didn't go to the party.

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I just need my own space.

He remained at the top of the class at school.

He traveled with a large escort.

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He is no longer a member of our club.

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Please don't lean out of the window when we're moving.

This sentence is boring.

I feel a strong attraction to the music of Beethoven.

That is to say, he was old and gray and tired.

I wasn't about to do that.

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The baseball game was called off due to rain.

I'd be delighted if you could come with us.

We spent hours trying to solve the problem.