That's what I have to do.

Daily exercise is essential for your health.

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Humans were never meant to live forever.

Renu was the first to tell me that.

The sound of money is a language known in every country.


A good translator translates not words, but sentences.

He jumped into the train.

I hope I haven't woken you up.

The bridge was broken after just one day.

I know it's wrong.

I don't wish to debate this.

Don't you have nausea?

You'll have our complete cooperation.

He was a great statesman and was elected president.


You'd better tell him the truth.

They were singing the national anthem.

I'd like seats right next to the court.

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I'm dead if I stay here.

You've been at it for hours.

They live just down the street.

We're in this together.

This dress comes in three sizes.


He made me a cake.

After long reflection, I ended up making things as they go.

I fucked your mother.

I need to leave before Lana arrives.

Moe climbed up the ladder as quickly as he could.


He's always asking silly questions.


They had been defeated in battle.


Laurianne knew better than to try to help Galen.

I had completely forgotten to do that.

I was too ashamed to say anything.


I don't want it changed.


Woe to those who are obese in a society where slimness is the norm.


The agonized spectators gazed on, unable in the least to aid their unfortunate companions, who were being torn to pieces before their eyes.

Do you know his name?

It isn't a hospital.

I've never seen you so tense.

He got the better of his opponent.


Niall is very straightforward.


There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

It's a bargain!

We have three children.


Let me get you a tissue.

The parents named their baby Akira.

I'll only be a minute.

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I talked with him over the telephone yesterday.

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Did you have fun with Masanao?

Faced with a massive online attack, Tatoeba adopted a policy of martial law.

You're alone, aren't you?

We scaled up Mount Fuji last year.

Emil married Ralf for her money.

I have almost three thousand dollars in my safe.

He seldom comes to see me.

I am definitely getting the least enjoyment out of my book.

Anna decided to join the army.

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Are the flasks made of glass or plastic?

Peanut butter and jelly, please.

Does Pratap have the same opinion?


Winnie was ashamed of himself.

He went there by bicycle.

Kylo was suspended for flipping his desk.

I'd rather live happily in the present than go down in history.

He ratted us out.

Let's meet together two years from today.

I know what you were thinking.

Martin didn't recognize anyone in the room.

That store is open all year.

We compete in ski races.

That's just what she needs.

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Where God seems very close, the Devil is never far away.

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On special occasions, some people wear jewels.

The concert was broadcast live.

You saw Glen, didn't you?

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.

This tea is very good.

I did try to warn Nguyen.

There are no distractions.


I'm sorry, I've got to go.

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See if I care!

Molly seems to be very sick.

I saw the game.


Hippos live in Africa.

If Dwight has a problem with me, he should tell me.

Living here isn't easy.

The chicken was great.

I shouldn't eat food that has sugar in it.

Jeffie is lying about more than that.

We didn't see this movie.

Jerrie ran as fast as he was able to.

I'm coming right now.

Tarmi and Anton aren't talking to each other.

This desk is used by Yumi.

How fast were you going?

I just couldn't say no to them.

Spelling mistakes really annoy me.

There is a cat five meters from the tree.

We're going inside.

The waiting room is empty.

Fay was partly to blame.

Warren gets on well with all his neighbors.


I think it's time we gave Sandy some time off.

Jazz isn't dead, it just smells funny.

Elliott wasn't particularly interested in what was going on.

Did you read this morning's newspaper?

Are we going to surrender to these monsters?


I love her because she is patient.

Don't play poker with them.

Can we do anything to help her?

I plan to tell Anna about you.

She is always complaining of her poor health.

Albert is carrying a watermelon.

Korea is now up and coming.

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I'm just telling you how it is.

This perception is incorrect.

Estonia has its own hymn.

It's not quite as difficult to do as it sounds.

Much still remains to be done.

She was such a hardworking girl that she made much progress in French.

I'm going to go for a walk.

Perhaps we shouldn't have gone to Boston last weekend.

The Air Force has the control of the airspace.


I'd like a ticket to Boston.

Chinese is a monosyllabic language.

I didn't go out for fear of catching cold.


Emily wants to learn Greek.

I need to get back to work.

Nick complained to me about the high prices in Tokyo.

Amarth didn't even have the decency to acknowledge his mistake.

Rees is helping Mats in her revision.

I've been robbed.

If you do it at all, try to do it well.


Don't tell me you have a crush on Evan.

Margaret opened his mouth to say something.

Since his hands were full, Isabelle pushed open the door with his knee.

Where did you spend your holidays?

She doesn't know her father.

I talk to Kuldip on the phone every day.

I thought I saw Jess in the park.

Being admitted to the doctorate is going to be a great challenge.

I have to prepare for the test in English.


Old said he isn't buying it.


Although Debbie is sick, he's swimming.


Liza always needs to have the last word.

Merat needs a ride to Boston.

I'm seeing her again on Monday.


Pierce took three steps backward.

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We just want our share.

Many buildings burned to the ground.

They're both dead.

Meat is expensive nowadays.

Kyung is at school.


Canada's crime rate is decreasing.

I am your fan.

That's not good enough for Jennie.


You have only to sweep the floor.


Pitawas was lonely and he wished he had someone to talk to.


I stayed with an American family.


Cliff used to tell me stories about Australia.

You seem upset.

He has a large basket full of flowers.