Is there someone who knows them?

What do you think of them?

The dog started barking.

Tell me what this says.

May I talk to her?

I don't often go to Boston, but every time I do, I enjoy it a lot.

You know you can tell me anything, right?

She says that she enjoyed it very much.

It is the oldest wooden building in existence.


Do you want me to come back?


He suggested to me that I should take her there.

She is pleased with the dress.

Something in Dan has changed.

The red rose made a nice contrast to her white dress.

Compared to before, it's already improved greatly.


Sailing is more fun than fishing.

It'll be difficult.

If it had not been for his father's help, he would have failed in business.


The king rules over his subjects.

Do you think I'm too old to get back to school?

When do we leave?

He has a superficial knowledge of navigation.

Prices are running wild just now.

Magda marries a Spaniard.

Is there something I can do for you?

You can see it with the naked eye.

For exercise, I either ride a bicycle or go swimming.

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This doctor is a man of culture.


I'll be there as soon as possible.

Can you get them?

The mountains in the Himalayas are higher than those in the Andes.

Even they would have helped me.

I'm even older.

Do you love your dear little dog?

Do you have a soup dish?


I've never been to my grandfather's house.

I need to keep my eyes open.

We all hate him.

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The Sea of Japan naming dispute revolves around efforts to remove 'Sea of Japan' from the world's maps and replace it with 'East Sea'.

In order to study computational linguistics it's necessary to know various languages, however, one also has to be familiar with the use of computers.

You don't need to worry.


I shouldn't have borrowed Kim's hammer.

I still haven't finished.

Leads wants a lawyer.

I thought Johann was one of them.

I have Rabin's address.

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He showed off his new watch.

They say that Amarth came to Brazil.

Try and catch me!

What do you want such an old car for?

We must separate politics from religion.

No one feels like fighting.

Dieter is calling back.


Being an astronaut was always my first dream.

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Nigel is emotional.

He accused me of his defeat.

She asked me to continue writing to your father.


Nancy received much solace from the cards and phone calls received from friends in the weeks after her husband died.

No, that is not normal.

You're so nice.


I'm glad you're not a coward like Ritalynne.

She can operate a crane.

He is an able banker.

I thought I heard someone knocking on the door.

I want to know what you know.

Where is he?

I asked him a difficult question.

Why are you wearing Pierette's jacket?

Blair looked at me and told me to hold her in my arms.

He suggested to me that I should take her there.

Last night, the temperature went down to ten degrees below zero.

I started crying when I was chopping the onions.

He hopes to explore the uninhabited island.

To me, there are but three treasures, compassion, frugality, and not daring to take the lead in the empire.

Can I go back to sleep now?

That's really quite an accomplishment.

Alright, see you then.


Beams of light shone through the clouds.

Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end.

What does this image make you think of?

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Why would Morgan want to kill anyone?

Everything was paid for.

He spoke on more and more eloquently.

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Have you ever tried this coat on?

Mr Smith hasn't turned up yet though he promised to come.

I debated for hours with my friends on the subject.

Spike cleared away the mossy, rotten wood.

I've always had help.

We helped him.

The population of Shanghai is as large as that of Tokyo.


Will has a son who's a senior in college.


If you try to find me, I will find you.

To tell the truth, I never did like Ti.

I don't like this skirt. It always rides up.

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I mistook you for my brother.


He's so much of a faggot.


I need some advice.

We could pretend like this never happened.

I don't think I need to go.

He lied to me. That is why I am angry with him.

I'll need several of those.

Please give Molly my apologies.

I was with them last week.

The views of the two politicians collide violently.

It's marvelous.

Fritz was really happy.

This flower is more beautiful than that rose.

I am good at raising roses.

There's not enough room in here for both Mysore and Rod.


Brad was singing.


That's what was going on.

What do you think of Julia?

Jerome must've hit his head.

Something is definitely wrong.

Let the revolt begin.

This kills me.

Jim looked left and right before he crossed the road.

Today you can get two for the price of one.

This is "free of charge".


That which is easily acquired is easily lost.

I knew that Janos wouldn't come.

Every single word you say is a lie.

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Most of us don't eat a balanced diet.


The Smurfs and the Navi both have blue skin.

I had to write his name and his phone number.

You can't take that.


The climate in the south of France is ideal.

They go to church on Sundays.

What is the scientific name of the giant squid?

May I use your toilet?

I've heard it said that there is no way for you to ever reach native proficiency in a language if you haven't started studying it before the age of twelve.


Masanobu and Johnnie are nice kids.

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No one likes losing.

Kathryn is always reading comics.

About whom was he commenting?


I know that I can beat Panacea.

The fourth month is called April.

Not yet.

I had a busy afternoon.

I don't know if I can get used to that.

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

Who is your brother?

I told Raja about Lum.

I thought I told you to go to bed.

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I'd be happy to tell her.

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Vijay turned thirty on October twentieth.


Are you accusing us of price gouging?

Sheila didn't recognize anyone in the room.

Is it any of your business what someone's hobby is?

She wants to stay single forever.

I'm not good enough for them.


The old lady stepped off the bus.

Does somebody know where Mom is?

I think you'd better tell her.

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You shall not marry my daughter!

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I take it you talked to her.

He was caught reading a comic book in class.

Don't go too far away.

After I got on board a train, I found I had left my wallet behind at home.

I managed to save them.

I know the cure for what ails you.

I'll do what I can to help you.