You can't treat me like that.

Do you think I look like my brother?

Don't do that if you want to live!

I thought Ping was sleeping.

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The sea is a road, because it leads to the islands.

I'll come by later.

Thank you for catching me a butterfly.

He knows that I love him.

I want three pairs of socks.

Erick didn't want my help.

We sometimes judge others based on their actions.

I'm sure you don't want to go.

Indoor tanning is particularly dangerous for younger users.

Are you going to tell me what's wrong?

Don't you think I know my own mother?

Is this cage meant to protect against sharks?

We got off to a bad start.

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Shakil helped his friends find a place to live.

I remember all that.

Ahmed is also studying French.

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Lieutenant Dan Anderson responded to the frantic 911 call.


We must inform them.

Could you help me to find it?

He is pigeon-toed.


Please don't interrupt me for a while.

She lies.

I don't feel like talking with Spyros today.


Blasphemy is a victimless crime.


In the United States, school buses are yellow.

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They accomplished their goals.


Andre must've been scared.

I think I've been here before.

When I am finished with what I am doing, I will come.

To the best of my knowledge, he is as good as his word.

I must apologize to Ann.


I've nothing to do today.

I don't want to waste a moment more.

Marlena put his arm around Joachim and kissed her cheek.

Suzan is not an angel.

How long do you have to eat lunch?

That's not how the world works.

Soon, it won't be unheard of to live to 150.

Jakob could trust Kenneth to keep her word.

This stuff isn't for you.

As the world becomes economically richer, it becomes environmentally poorer.

If you recognize this person, call 110!

He's a good guy now, so he'll make a good husband in the future.

Treat her well.

Don't come in here, please!

Tomatoes may be served hot or cold, as a starter or as a side dish.


Clarissa got back at 2:30.

Takao made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with Al.

We slept by turns.

It may have been Mr Sato who sent these flowers.

Too much salt will kill the flavor.

Trace the shape onto the paper, then cut it out.

I believe in Julianto.


This power station alone provides several cities with electricity.

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I don't think I'm overemotional.

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What is this thing for?

Look at the price.

I don't need a Facebook account in order to have friends.

You dropped something.

That's as easy as taking cake from a baby.

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I'll give you my decision this afternoon.

Can you arrange it?

It seems strange that they feel so angry.


Rudy never told me he wanted to go to Harvard.


I know what's wrong with you.

What did you do last Christmas?

Ned wants you to come home.

I've thought about it, and what we're doing is just not right, so let's break up after today.

I've tried everything I can think of.

Trucks made it easy for goods to be transported.

I was really desperate for help.

Who is at the bottom of these rumors?

I know why you're planning to quit your job.

Butler bought a so-called "magical stone".

Siping is old enough to make his own decisions.


Root bought Brent some candy.

Jesse has to go home now.

Cecilia talked to someone in the park.

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Derek is on maternity leave now.

The box is light enough for a child to carry.

I saw Earl dance once.

May all your dreams come true.

January 1st is a day when many Japanese go to the shrine.

The cinema was filled with people.

She didn't mean to offend anyone with her remark.

We spoke in the car.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights for African-Americans by teaching nonviolence.

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Shane propped his bicycle against the wall.


You cannot hit your sister.

Do not search for people's weaknesses, but for their strengths.

I think it important to tell the truth.

It is a difficult problem.

He does not like cats.

Stephan is impatient to see you.

Ethan later went to the train station to meet Stevan.

She got up and left in the middle of our conversation.

What time are you coming?

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He made her a bookshelf.

Mehrdad won the pumpkin-carving contest.

I suppose you know why Po didn't do what we asked him to do.

I couldn't put up with her arrogant behavior.

Lewis isn't an easy person to lie to.

Yes, I think I need to go.

Philippe's parents were baffled.

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I blanched.

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Mrs. Ionescu, I'd like to ask you something.

Even now, I occasionally think I'd like to see you. Not the you that you are today, but the you I remember from the past.

Call Maarten and tell him we'll be late.

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Boston Dynamic's robot, RHex, is an amazing piece of work that can run over various terrains.

Nosy tabloids drove a washed-up star to the brink of suicide.

I remember telling her that news.


She squinted.


Postmodern people do not worry too much about gender as they know that everybody has essences of both genders somehow.

Holy macaroni!

There's an old movie theater in town.

I can't afford to go to the cinema twice a week.

Nichael and Ross got married in secret.


I waited three hours.


The snow completely covered the city.

The thief hid in the dark doorway.

My sister married her high school classmate.


All of our blood goes through our kidneys about sixty times a day.

The old man sat in the chair with his eyes closed.

The problem was under discussion.

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This is the best money can buy.

Srikanth began to worry about how he was going to pay for his son's education.

This is your destiny.

I'm waiting to hear from Suwandi.

Lucy sometimes visits May.


I wish I hadn't lied to him. I'll never be able to look him in the face again.


Let's get her to bed.

Since we can't find a better one, let's make the best of what we have.

The mechanic fixed my car without charging me a dime.

It's far from here.

The headlights don't work.

Shirley became conscious.

I'm too beautiful for this world.

Izzy was never happy.

I want to go wherever you're going.


I have lots of second-hand books for sale, all at affordable prices.

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Just tell me where it is.

How did you know Will would be there?

I didn't tell Tareq what he wanted to know.

The origin of the fire is unknown.

The country was unable to pay its debts.

I want to have a word with him.

Where can I pick up my baggage?

That's a good response.

I hit my funny bone on the edge of the table.


Do you think that the minimum wage should be raised?


Forgive me for breaking my promise.


I liked them before they were popular.

It is advisable to go by train.

I don't like being judged.

I would like to purchase some boots.

A cobbler is also known as a shoemaker.

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Did you collect the money they owed you?