I'm sure Gil is on his way.

Have you seen him yet?

She continued sobbing without looking up.

I went back to work.

It looks like you've made a friend.

An anxious mother has sharp eyes.


Both of my parents were brought up in the country.

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Bertrand and Sabrina decided to leave.


Things are getting out of control.

Let me remind you of something.

Written by hand, the letter was not very easy to read.

He seduced her with false promises.

I'm not Finnish.

Do you still talk to Hamilton?

Something doesn't make any sense.


He insured himself.


Don't trust strangers.


Hillary may not have done what we think he did.

It couldn't get much worse.

Your favorite singer is Whitney Houston, right?

Elvis is married with children.

"What's up? Fidgeting like that" "Er, well, it looks like the elastic's gone in my pants."


You arrived there before her.


Where can one make a phone call?

I can't make them love me.

The team wanted the coach fired for his abusive behavior.


Why did you go to Japan?

Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.

She was eager to go home.


How did this even happen?

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Does French have a similar expression?

He had no difficulty in explaining the mystery.

That's why I told you not to go by yourself.

Pitawas started crying uncontrollably.

The man's name is Dewey.


You can't tell anybody what's going on.

The state appealed the verdict.

Don't say anything.

Needless to say, Judy came late as usual.

If you do such a prank again, you will hear from the owner.

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Arne now lives in Boston.

These specimens are divided into several categories.

I concentrated my attention on the lecture.

The bullet train we were on pulled out at 12 sharp.

Kay took some alcohol from the bottle and replaced it with water.


Before going to bed, I took three pills to stop a cold.


Al remains confident.


He was raised in an artistic family.

Even though the weather was fine, I gave him my coat as he was going out.

Are you ready to study Klingon?

I'm back from vacation.

While we hate force, we recognize the need for law and order.

Everyone was totally shocked.

This book is smaller than that one.

My brother is holding a camera in his hand.

He cried out for help in a loud voice.

Could you help us after school?

Excuse me if I call you an asshole, but that's what I think you are.

Jordan will already be asleep when we arrive.

Kathy didn't know what else to say.


Tarmi has a scraggly beard.

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Are you in Bangladesh?

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She and her sister agreed on everything.

No, the life that a man and a woman build together is rarely happy, don't you think?

I'm using a tutor.


That is a high building, is it not?

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Do you have any idea where Torsten could be?


What did you smoke?

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Smoking affects your health.

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I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.

Darrell always has headphones glued to his ears.

Andreas thinks that's normal.

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You must succeed after such efforts.

I was just in the neighborhood.

I'm an engineer.

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I went there.


Unless it rains, I will go, too.

Vadim is coming home from work.

Why aren't you dressed yet?

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my mother in the hospital.

She raised her fist as if to hit me.

He's had many unhappy experiences.

We never seem to be able to compromise on anything.

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Spock has been appointed chairman.

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It is very imprudent to swim in the rapids.

I won't tell Walter.

There were a lot of people on the beach.

They stood up for what was right.

I was quite surprised.


This is getting worse.

He said we must keep the secret.

It is better to travel well than to arrive.

After the battle they delivered the town to the enemy.

I can tell you where to find Hume.

My father drives to work.

Jeffery earns three times what I do.

It gets quite hot in the summer.

He told his stories in a very unusual way.

Alain put his hand on Lewis's arm.

I have no intention of arguing with you about this.

These facts support my hypothesis.

The selfish man was despised by his colleagues.

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I would like to ask you a favor.

You are thirsty, do you want water?

We play games together.


Man is a social animal by nature.

This boy never lies.

Everyone smiles in the same language.

Jeff seems to know who she is.

You're lying again.

Claudia called the office.

I found him covered in blood.

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I'm not a fan of libertarianism.


Opposition to the bill was strong.

Burn with desire.

Could you please bring me a clean knife?

We've got some work to do here.

I'll be right back, folks.

Did you forget to do your homework?

I wish you didn't hang out with Olof. I don't like him.

Diane must've heard us enter.

He's not very good at remembering names.


I awoke to find that he had already gone.


You wouldn't recognize the place anymore.

An office machine is cranking out a stream of documents.

I was still living with my parents then.


I watched the news on TV after supper.

Some people believe that the moon landings never happened.

Ken quarreled with Amedeo.

Ira and his friends drank a lot of beer last night.

Why didn't you tell them?


I availed myself of this favorable opportunity.

I ran as fast as I could.

The baby cannot walk yet.


Peggy shot him.

Make haste.

I don't care about the expense.

Tal isn't so dependable, is he?

Toby realized there were no cars parked in front of the school.

Organic food is usually more expensive.

I'm not concerned right now.

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About whom was he commenting?

Tor proposed to me.

Christofer was heartbroken when Metin passed away.

It is almost 12 o'clock.

Mitch said he was going to do that.

Don't sit upon it.

Nobody got hurt.

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They went on walking farther.

I will never tell anybody.

She was surprised to find many beautiful things in the box.


I don't think I want to see what a fly considers paradise.

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I dream about her every night.

Was that necessary?

Even my grandma can send an SMS.

I'm coming right away.

Today it is cloudy.