Maurice learned to drive when he was eighteen.


Nicolo sat on the sofa.

Let him stay there.

We were thinking of asking you to join our company.

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Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and, before we knew it, another year had passed.

None of these games are interesting.

There's something I wanted to show Ian.

Shahid is still busy.

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.


I bought this for my girlfriend.

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How did you get our address?

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I am laughing at you.

We had Malcolm Jackson under surveillance.

You're not a lawyer.

That stomachache made me sweat.

I entered a singing contest sponsored by a pasta company and I made it to the semifinals.


It is perhaps interesting to note in this connection that Fermat's Principle was found objectionable by a contemporary optics expert because it seemed to impute knowledge to the working of Nature.

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He is not as intelligent as his older brother.

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He beat the shit out of me.


That's why I can't take this job.


There are stereotypes of Scotland.

If you work hard, you'll pass your exam.

He likes all animals except horses.

It is doubtful whether we shall be able to come.

As my watch was slow, I missed the special express.

I'm on my own.

Is it true that you just out of prison?

Many people use Anglicisms because they don't know how to rewrite them, since there are no alternatives in their own languages. Thus, we see it as our task to think of good alternatives, lovingly and imaginatively.

She visited her husband in prison.

It's a child that is eating meat.

Nikolai asked Tommy some stupid questions.

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Do you have the latest version?

Has this ever been done before?

Is it complicated?

Leonard asked me if I was tired.

The taller a tree is, the harder it is to climb.

What would you like to talk about?

"The Princess," said she, "is going to be married to-night against her will, for she has been expecting every day that the man who freed her from the spell would come."


That's a mistaken belief.

The summer heat is rolling in.

It really breaks my heart.


The locomotive was pulling a long line of freight cars.


You'd better do it fast.

He's in my class.

A friend of mine asked me to send her a postcard.

How long is the train delayed?

She put her elbows on her knees.

His speech was suitable for the occasion.

I don't want to see anybody.

The property was almost completely overgrown with wild blackberry bushes.

If you are not going to the concert, then neither am I.

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Amy and Theodore seem happy together.

She tightened the bolts.

Chaplin was visionary.

Is that Arlene's?

Have you heard the latest rumors?

I'm not sleeping well currently and now have rings under the eyes.

Anne is the happiest person I know.

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Miriam and Jeff are playing 500 Rum.

I played with the computer.

Did you hear Hillary's speech?

Hume gave Kenton an icy glare.

I'm going to allow Connie to do whatever he wants to do.

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He's just got a large build, so he looks like he'd be a fighter, but he's probably really a pushover.

We ate vegetarian lasagna.

Watching the football game on television was fun.

The French language, by the way, is a clear stream that affected writers have never been, and will never be able to ripple. Each century has thrown in this limpid current its fashions, its pretentious archaisms and its preciousness, without anything surfacing from those useless attempts, those powerless efforts. The nature of this language is to be clear, logical and nervous. It won't let itself be weakened, obscured or corrupted.

You have thirty seconds.

I was with him for an hour.

Only Srinivasan smiled.


This is where I was born and brought up.

I am very dangerous.

Were I younger and richer, you'd marry me.

Do you have a part time job?

Bring me the scissors.

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We'll have to wait for five hours.

You seem to be doing fine.

Joni doesn't sound very optimistic.

He's at a loss how to make ends meet.

Pablo deserved the punishment he got.

With all your money, you should be able to buy just about anything you want.

We're looking for a volunteer.


I tried to make the best of it.


Pull yourself together.


There are a few yachts on the calm sea.


I left Japan ten years ago.

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Our request was approved.


I have dinner with Taninna almost every day.


Let's start working.

"Thank you for helping me." "Don't mention it."

Let's conceal this secret from him.


That is really interesting.


No one cares.

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His speech irritates me.

What did he ask you?

I can't go back with them.

No verb in this sentence.

Anybody want a beer?

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Do you remember this song?

The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man.

When was the last time you had an accident?

It's the place that has all of Gulfport talking.

He demands immediate payment.


I had already left by the time it finished.

Have you ever lived in an old building?

I want to emphasize this point in particular.

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Fun became earnest. Earnest is now four years old.


I tried to stay on friendly terms with her, but it was impossible.

There is an urgent need for drinking water.

The boy is able to memorize everything he reads.


I will go to the sea, but you, on the other hand, will go to school.

This one was on top of the pile.

I'm going to be waiting in front of the station.

Ticket sales will begin Monday.

Why didn't you tell him that?

Job security became a major worry.

I needed to eat.

I have no choice but to kill.

Are you a tubist?

Betty may be pretty, but she shoots a gun with the precision of a hawk.

She can speak German, not to mention English.


That seems legit to me.

What is it you want to tell us?

I need to do this now.


Where does this desk go?

I've come to save Kazuhiro.

I like to eat sweets.

It's my turn to choose where we eat.

Do you think Bill is strong enough to lift that by himself?

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It's a very small price for such an important victory.

Who will win the gold medal?

I'd like to send a congratulations card to Madonna for the birth of her baby girl.

They can't push us around.

I can't ask them to quit.

This is completely useless.

Clara had a problem at home.

He started acting in a childish manner.

Can you be a little quieter?

Neither is true.

Nobody else would help Stanislaw.

God has chosen to save only a few individuals.

Mikael closed his briefcase.


His hair has turned white.


He arrived at the age of 40.


May I know you?

Do you know who has the key?

Sigurd, you have a call!

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I've already seen it.

Martyn isn't awake yet.

I want to be more like you.

They spent part of the afternoon strolling through the city.

We'll pick you up as soon as we can.

I suggest you let us handle this.

That's not bad at all!


Aimee said that he planned to stick around school all day.

Major found out what went wrong.

These two words are easily confused.