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Green Smoke is the brand we've rated as the best e-cigarette. With strong vapor clouds, a powerful throat hit and great flavors, they took our top spot because we felt they most closely replicated the experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Technologically, we found nothing to complain about either, with the product well constructed and battery life well above average. If we were pressed to single out the most outstanding feature of Green Smoke, it would be the taste of their “Menthol Ice” cartridges, by far the best menthol electronic cigarettes we’ve tasted in all of our review sessions. But there are also three great tobacco flavors as well as several tasty novelty flavors. Our review panel felt that the experience of vaping with Green Smoke came closest to (505) 448-0589


V2 Cigs comes in as our second ranking electronic cigarette, with a strong product line and satisfying vaping experience. Thick vapor clouds, a pretty strong throat hit and satisfying feel were the major factors in our decision, with Green Smoke's stronger punch (a little closer to the feeling of inhaling tobacco smoke) the reason that V2 lost out on the top spot. There’s a good choice of flavors available, and lots of nice options including some attractive battery colors and manual batteries to let you increase the power of your inhale. V2 had almost everything we look for in an electronic cigarette, and it’s definitely in the regular “rotation” of ecigs that we use on a daily basis.  We like the varied flavors available, as well as the technological - Read the full review and get discount coupons »


Some people just want a standard electronic cigarette that performs well. Others are looking for some "fun" with their ecigs - and our review panel felt that Premium Vapes fits that bill perfectly, with tons of flavors and fashion designs that make vaping more than just a habit. Premium Vapes, previously known as Premium Electronic, has been around for more than five years. In that time, they've established a large product line with a reputation for solid performance. They've even diversified to offer some of the only electronic cigars and pipes on the market. They don't stand still either, with new flavors and designs being released on a regular basis; they have the best e cig selection of all the major companies we've reviewed, and it was just plain 2158934299


We have a rotation of four or five electronic cigarettes that we use on a regular basis for our own personal enjoyment. South Beach Smoke is one of those ecigs, because of a very nice taste and a good throat hit. It may not be our "everyday" ecig, but it certainly could be. You may be familiar with South Beach Smoke because of their terrific marketing department, which has secured lots of celebrity endorsements over the last couple of years. But there's a lot more to this product than flash. It's one of the better ecigs we've sampled, and is a solid choice to consider. We reviewed the South Beach Ultimate starter kit, which is the best equipped kits we've seen. It came with two batteries, a regular sized one aglyphodont


The first electronic cigarettes designed for women, Vapor Couture is from the same people who make V2 Cigs, so it has the same solid performance with the added benefit of being slim and feminine. It's the only real fashion ecig choice for ladies we've seen. If you think "Virginia Slims" you'll be able to visualize the appeal of Vapor Couture. The e-cig (battery and cartridge) is the same thickness and length, and has the same visual appeal with the added benefit of a number of available fashion colors and designs. Even the tip is fashionable, made out of faceted crystal that glows with your choice of four distinctive colors. But, of course, it's electronic so it doesn't come with all the negatives of a slim tobacco cigarette. We sampled the dovetail saw


There often seems to be a competition among electronic cigarette companies to jam pack their starter kits with all sorts of stuff and provide all sorts of cool options. It's usually worth having the goodies and loads of choices, but also increases the price. Bull Smoke has gone in the opposite direction, offering a good tasting e-cigarette with only a few nicely chosen options, and a very low price. Many ecig websites have page after page of accessories and options. Bull Smoke doesn't - we assume that's where their "no bull" catch phrase comes from. They've seemed to concentrate more on the nuts and bolts of vaping, and with good results, both in terms of smoothness and taste, and in terms of quality. We sampled the Ranch Hand starter kit, - Read the full review and get discount coupons »


For quite a while, White Cloud was the most expensive e-cigarette on the market. Now, they've cut their prices to be more competitive and still have one of the best built products on the market. They're a smooth and solid e-cig. The throat hit on White Cloud is definitely not strong; they've chosen to go in the direction of mild and smooth. That's not the preference of the majority of our review panel (and the reason they're not in our top group of choices), but we definitely recommend them as a potential choice if you're after a vape that goes down smooth and easy. This is definitely a company on the edge of innovation as well, with some interesting and unique options. We sampled the Cirrus 3X starter kit which 989-806-9418


If you're looking for a cheap, well-performing electronic cigarette and lots of options aren't really important to you, SmokeTip is a brand worth looking at. One member of our tasting panel actually preferred this product over a number of more expensive ecigs. We tested the SmokeTip starter kit, which comes with everything you need to begin vaping: two short batteries, five cartridges, a USB charger and an AC adapter packaged nicely. The vaping experience was more than acceptable, with middle-of-the-pack throat hit and vapor clouds, and no technical issues. The length of a battery charge was a bit above average, as was cartridge life. Taste was good without the sweet aftertaste found in some products; overall, it was good performance, for a low price. Longer batteries and a car 7154667392