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Based on my observation of the movement of particle D, I modify the system so that three possible exits exist.

It rained hard all day.

Are you pleased with your new house?

I usually have to change my clothes two or three times a day during the hot summer in Nagoya.

We just got this car.

I checked into a motel and went right to sleep.

Dan doesn't have anything to do with that site.

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He stood gazing at the sight with his mouth open.

He cheated his clients out of a lot of money.

That book is available in only one store.

I might be a little late.

Slavery was legal there.

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She's made up her mind and refuses to be talked out of it.

Baking apple pie fills the house with a wholesome aroma.

Joubert lives in an apartment complex.


Irfan believes that.

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I discouraged him from going swimming because it looked like it was going to rain.

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Dan was digging a ditch along the road.

In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex.

Well, possibly you're right.


He's wearing sunglasses.

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The snow lasted for two days.

Rodent bought a nice house on Park Street.

I got an email yesterday that was written in French.

Pam didn't say we weren't allowed to do this.

It was not always this way.

He is lazy by nature.

Everybody down here sure likes you a lot, Joubert.


Tandy painted the doors blue.

I have a present for me.

They want to talk to you a moment.

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Are there any pretty girls in town?

We wish to invite Peter to Japan in the near future.

Although the book cover officially credited Moran as the memoir's author, his paid ghostwriter came to regret portraying the subject of his book in a flattering light.

This is one of the best books I've ever read.

His sense of humor was self-deprecating, a sign of his low self-esteem.

I've had enough of your nonsense.

Listen, I need to see you.

I thought you had found someone else.

Tony has had such a hard life.

I can never go back there again.

"G" is an upper-case character.

I hope we can all agree.

He made Miss Green his secretary.

You're just making that up, aren't you?

They've heard by chance some suspicious activity in the thicket which indicated that a bear smelled their food also.


How dare you say such a thing to me?

His remark does not do me justice.

We often play chess after school.


There will be setbacks and false starts.

I said that I would help him.

How could you tell I wanted to go home?


You're lying now, aren't you?


We saw her when leaving the house.

Don't yield to any temptation.

Bernard pretended to be ignorant.


Andy hung his shirt up in the closet.

I've started teaching my kids to surf.

The hotel where we stayed was very comfortable.

It was worse than I thought it would be.

The bread is cutting badly because it's very soft.

We want that.

I can teach you how to show your love.

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What's your favorite vacation spot?

There are two bottles of red wine on this picture.

Life is at best very short.


You're silly.

A fund was set up with a view to preserving our endangered planet.

I know I'm right.

Your religion is ugly.

Please let go of my arm.

Erik gave me everything I need.

She was advised by him to get more exercise.

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My uncle comes back from America next Monday.

Say that work is 8 hours, it feels like the three hour commute time is also work but you don't get any money for it. What a waste.

Jianyun never visits Agatha anymore.

The drivers are at the starting line and raring to go!

You didn't have to tell me that.

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Unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder.

I cannot call Taninna back. I don't have money.

He claims that he is a painter.


I didn't know that until this morning.

Don't talk in the reading room.

The soldier was wounded in the leg.

He doesn't have much money.

I couldn't find Al.


I have known Val all my life.


We know what the problem is.


The jury is deliberating.

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Did you hear about Mehrdad's accident?

Clara reminds me of John.

It makes no difference to me whether she is rich or not.

They had trouble finding the place.

Don't look so distraught.

Clyde joined the search for Percival Lowell's "Planet X", a planet beyond Neptune.

We'll need to ask Jianyun what he thinks.

I've got some gasoline right here.

You will assist us, won't you?

Lisa is so skillful that she can even make screws and similar small objects for herself.

You may go out as long as you came back soon.

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She was all smiles.

I've never spoken French to Pilar.

He and his wife tried to work out their problems, but couldn't.

I don't ever want to be as irritating as Miriam seems to be.

We need exercise.

My grandfather loves to read.

Dimitry gave Kyle a flashlight.

His influence in the committee became weaker and weaker.

I just sharpened my knife this morning.

"Did you have fun?" "Not really, it was boring."

I have nothing to complain about.

I was hoping you might be able to tell me where Stacy is.

Mike is totally clueless.


Tickets aren't required for tonight's concert.

You may have it for the asking.

I've always known this would happen eventually.


The book sells well.

Clear water breeds no fish.

In summer, we enjoy outdoor sports.

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Get a doctor in here.


I can get it from her.

Raghu is in Boston now, isn't he?

I like walking around barefoot.

After a while passion and infatuation ooze away.

Fred taught Vilhelm to paint.

Deirdre has a concussion.

We had arranged to meet at 10, but, even now, I have had any contact from them at all. You don't think they got into an accident somewhere or something?

What a nonsense he talks.

Can we talk about the wedding?

Lloyd obviously doesn't get it.

She is at her wit's end with her son. He sometimes does not come home until 3 or 4 a.m.


This is the pipeline which supplies the town with gas.

I'll be your roommate.

Kamiya barged into Sal's office with a gun in his hand.


I'm supposed to meet Jess in Boston next Monday at 2:30.

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Nicolas and Ning have been going out for three years.

It's now your turn.

The wind blew her hair into her eyes.

I thought you said you didn't do that kind of thing.

I am bored out of my mind.

You owe Grace three hundred dollars.

Can we stop at the post office?

You really need to call Glenn.

Sometimes, father will ask me unexpectedly.

I would like to see you before I leave for Europe.

Where do you suppose you'll spend your vacation?

I don't work there anymore.

The world is a book of which a person that doesn't travel reads only one page.

The communication recently has been lost with the team.

I can't wait to see him.

Moving into the new office took her one month.

The mob gathered round the car like so many flies.

The man's body temperature is higher than normal.

On December 3rd, 1967, Doctor Barnard was able to perform the first human heart transplant.

Anatoly asked Vicky to help him clean his room.

Nikolai is an outcast.

More and more students began to protest.

I want to eat some cheese.

I have made a mess.

Most of the exiles were killed or captured.


It's foul of you to have concealed it.


All I have to do is wait.

What's Wendi doing here anyway?

What was her reaction to the news?

Silence is the only answer to a fool.

We want to see her.