Her words are engraved in my mind.

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Marco's my friend.

You've got nothing.

I don't blame her for that.

The noise continued.

I don't think we'll ever know.

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Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.

I think I can handle it from here.

If you agree to become an organ donor, you may help save someone's life.

He had a slight edge on his opponent.

He went on working without a break last night.


I really do wish you hadn't done that.


This made me think of you.


Could I have three steaks please: one rare, one medium rare and one well done, but not burnt?

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This candlestick is very heavy.

Old people deserve respect.

This app will let you sync your photos and music between all your devices.

Why can't you do what you're told?

He's crazy about soccer.

What does he say?

None of us speaks French.

I've been asked to help out.

Norma is xenophobic.

"So, what happened to Nicolette?" "He disappeared." "Reeeally?"

I think Jeff is scared.

Trent rode his horse through the woods.

He is just my age.

The town has changed a great deal since then.

I was hostile to any attempt at reconciliation.

We have to change something.

Have you seen Vernon lately?

She quickly shut the kitten into a basket.

Who wants this?

All people breathe air.

I try to never eat after 8:00 p.m.

What stinks in here?

The horse, feeling it was finally free, began trotting west.


Do you intend to answer all my questions truthfully?

Steven, I have missed you so much!

They all got behind the candidate.

Mahjong is one of the most interesting games.

We are crying.

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He knows a lot about butterflies.

I want to stay in the house.

We did warn her.

Manners make the man.

Everyone's still asleep.

I couldn't let Mason go without saying goodbye.

Tareq grabbed Art by the scruff of his neck.


Go out and breathe some fresh air instead of watching TV.


Don't look down on him merely because he is poor.

Pratapwant lived here three years ago.

I have her on the line.

Perhaps Murat knows something that we don't.

Ask around.


Kit is perspiring.

I just needed a place to study.

Stephe and Teruyuki got into a fight.

In order to get the soil ready for planting you must plow it.

What is the use of mathematics?

Students, by working part time, are able to scrape up tuition fees by themselves.

"Would you like to drive, or shall I?" "Oh, no matter. What's your preference?" "I don't mind; either way is fine." "Well, then, I'll drive. That'll give you a chance to rest a bit on the way."

She took over the will of him.

I visited Paris a long time ago.

Have you ever hung up washing?

Words fail me.

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Is there a discount for students?


My pet bear always sleeps on the floor by my bed, right under the portrait of Putin.

From time to time, he goes to Tokyo on business.

I thought I could smoke.

Would you please inform me of the expected shipping date?

Mara was out of breath.

That book is too out of date.

I have no intention of getting married.

You're obnoxious.

He asked me for some money.

That's not cool.

That might help.

Those who know don't talk, and those who talk don't know.

I heard you're having problems with No.


Ideas are not responsible for what men do of them.

I wonder why he wasn't there.

There was no sign of Srinivasan.

The skirt is too wide for me.

She is late.

I almost forgot my passport.

I've run this morning.

What did the doctor say?

Moral leadership is more powerful than any weapon.

It often snows here.

Jianyun has visited Australia three times.

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Roland was wrongly imprisoned for nearly 10 years.

Having boasted how sure his hunches were, he was forced to eat his hat when he guessed wrong.

I wonder what Linley is doing.


So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed.

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Why are you making such a big deal about it?


Don't monkey around with my papers.


They got the short end of the stick.

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We do not insist that you do things our way.

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I would recommend this book even more than the first.

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A friend told me about Tatoeba.

That'll take a long time.

The sum came to over 20,000 yen.

Fear of pollution discouraged people from building homes near power plants.

It's an older model.

The game is fun.

Please follow the right hand path.

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She doesn't want him to go to Boston.

I'm sick and tired of all this bickering.

Basque is a commonly cited example of a language isolate.

I met with her today.

Could you turn down the music, please?

I can't let the matter drop.

Leif wrote down his new teacher's name so he wouldn't forget it.

When was the last time you saw it?

She showed me her new car.

They will probably handle this well.

Suppressing one's romantic feelings is not the same as having no such feelings.


At first I didn't like him, but I do now.

He refused to pay.

It's not like I'm real anxious to see Clayton.

Suppose I had gone to America.

Her anger reached a breaking point when she found out that he was being unfaithful to her.

That's something I've always wanted to do.

Your best friend's girlfriend is as big as a whale.

Don't tell me he actually believes that nonsense.

There was once a king who had three daughters. The two eldest were very proud and quarrelsome, but the youngest was as good as they were bad.

He had no hesitations when killing the bird for eating.

I felt dumb.

He'll be glad to see you.

Why don't we talk over coffee?

I don't know where it came from.

We're studying French.

We will prove that P is a partially ordered set.

Perhaps I should go and see Amanda.

I'd better go with them.

We'd never consider that.

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The upcoming fifth edition of the DSM proposes a new spectrum-based classification of autistic disorders.

He did it for the good of the community.

I have so much to say.

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Wooden houses easily catch fire.

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No one is more universally despised than the fence-sitter, a person who refuses to take a position but criticizes that of everyone else.

Hein sliced the apple.

His room is untidy.

You shouldn't talk about your friends behind their backs.

It's unlikely to rain tomorrow.

He wrote a letter with great facility.

They have time to spend with their families or to enjoy their hobbies.

Can I offer you some cognac?

At least, I think so.

No, thanks. I don't drink beer.

You don't even have to explain.

I don't think I heard you correctly.

We'll start first thing tomorrow.

He is wise enough not to do such a thing.

One was heavy.

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When you're good enough to join the team, we'll let you join.

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I wouldn't be surprised.


Has the cat got your tongue?

I like to take my children to the beach.

Wasn't it him who stole your wallet?

Let me deal with him.

The gang established their base at an abandoned building.

She never talks to him.

When I don't have my cell phone, I feel lonely.


George doesn't mix much; he likes to keep to himself.

Merat died on the operating table.

Jiro seems to have missed the train.