I've done that three times.

Maybe Earnie doesn't want to have a party.

Anderson is talking to his parrot.

Barrio is really busy, isn't he?


The main product of the farm whence this watermelon came are carrots. That's why its label has a carrot on it.

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Judith cleared the table.

Is Sigurd back yet?

Thank you. Please do.

This is mine, and that's yours.

Yoshio resembles his mother in personality and his father in appearance.

They surprised me.

She came to like the new teacher.


Nature does not make jumps.

Where do you think it is?

Is breakfast included in the price?


He stood gazing at the sight with his mouth open.


It's only a stone's throw away from where I was born.

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You all know what you have to do.

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Be careful what you wish for. It might come true.

Do you think you'll ever come back here?

Look, look at that shark, which has followed us all night - why it is only waiting for you to get into the water to swallow you.

Brian wears a hat every day.

Elephants were killed for their ivory.

I don't feel that guilty.

Andy is the one who started the fire.

You're powerless.

Miltos might want to go there with us.

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You arrived there before they did.

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Seeing me, she was embarrassed.

Without knowing the original language of the holy writings, how can you rely on your interpretations about them?

The company employs new staff seasonally.


It makes me feel alive.


I don't want to mislead you.

Now that I got guaranties, I am no longer afraid.

After a long argument, I finally persuaded her to go camping.

Does anyone know where I could find one?

I'm your deputy.

I started learning English six years ago.

That's quite a secret.

Over ten percent of them can do the work.

My mother feels better.

We can't let this continue.

Ted got in trouble a lot at school when he was young.


I followed Andrew home.

Anger deprived him of his reason.

You may stay here if you want to.

She has already gone to school.

She is very wise.


I need to get away from them.

Many men nowadays seem to have the feeling that in vast modern societies there is nothing of importance that the individual can do.

He didn't have any accomplice.

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He had called the rebels traitors.

We needed time.

You're still young, but not permanently.

He asked me a question.

Shyam wouldn't allow me in his office.


I never meant to hurt him.

Kay is the man Amir met the other day.

Can you explain why you turned down their proposal?


I took him to the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

He was furious.

The weather is bad in the north.

I think Sanford will very likely do that.

I told Tricia it wasn't possible for him to get into our club.


He interfered with the fans.

Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.

Please come back next week.


They're doctors.


I'll go to your house tomorrow.


Things like this don't usually happen to me.

Knapper was in total shock.

Please go over the script.

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Things are looking good.


I didn't realize Julian broke that.

I want to be as rich as Bob.

I strongly agree with you.


He has never even set foot on foreign soil.

He can't make this.

Valeria knew he was going to die.

He has appeared as the man of the day in today's paper.

I am still in shock after knowing this sad and devastating news.


What else do you plan to do?

I forgot to tell Hazel where the meeting is going to be.

He advised me to go there.


I was disappointed at the result.

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We're pulling back to a safe distance.

These Chinese characters are not too difficult for us.

I'm sort of busy.

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You aren't allowed in there.

I don't want to end up poor.

Will the present make him happier?


Genocides are hate crimes.

She would be a good wife for me.

Julie and Steven met at the seaside last year and fell in love.

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We all want prices to decline.

The monks chanted a mantra in unison.

Let's hope for the best anyway.

Your hair shines like gold.

Who do you think you are, to look at me like this?

That was a nifty way of doing it.

We chose John as captain.

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I was placed in a pretty strictly controlled environment.


Whose is this textbook?

Don't you know I respect you?

Would you like me to draw you a diagram?

I don't know his last name.

That fellow was fired last week.


I can't help you if I don't know where you are.


Who was here yesterday?

I think Gunnar needs stitches.

Here's the leak.

You messed with the wrong guy!

I wish to be there.

Who stole my keys?

Where can I mail these letters?

Voyager 1 has finally reached interstellar space.

I was born and bred in Britain.

The scientists used nanoparticles.

I'm glad you helped Gabriel.


I'm a tourist, too.

What did he draw on the blackboard?

Nancy is going to be really disappointed, isn't he?

We'll contact them.

I want to reduce the time it takes to deal with the paperwork.


People usually don't like what they can't understand.

She was as great a scientist as ever lived.

There is fog over the lake.

That better not be her.

Erick did his schoolwork at the kitchen table.


Mom, thank you for giving birth to me.

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I'm trying to learn French.


What are you going as?

I told Jisheng it was time to quit.

After dinner, I did my homework.

Mother likes tea, while I like coffee.

Where is my ring?

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I get her point.

Look after her.

Well, in that area, of course things are different for men and women.

I took my revenge.

The physics teacher was late to class, as usual.


The words confirmed him in his suspicions.

Lori had to read the sign on the door three times before he understood it.

A red light was glowing in the dark.


The wound itched intolerably and gave him a burning sensation.


There was pink mold in that bathroom.

What an uproar!

People are protesting against nuclear weapons.

Rajeev helped me out of a jam.

What's the real reason you don't want to go with me?

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A magnificent sight presented itself before us.


My brother likes to wash his car on the weekend.

It looks like a great day for a picnic.

The baby caught sight of my ballpoint pen and reached out for it.

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That seems impossible.