It's impossible not to be fascinated by his beauty.

Spudboy, what's wrong with you tonight?

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Gideon entered the dining room, carrying a tray.

I love this time of year.

Mike said he thought we shouldn't go to Masanao's party.

He is kind to those around him.

What do you do with all these goats?

I wish I could change that, but I can't.

I'm not really worried.

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The Statue of Liberty is not tired, and not because it is made of bronze.


Have you called the boss already?

Father has recently come back to Japan.

My neighbours in that house are German and English, both.


He arrived at Paris and immediately started for London.

He would smile his approval.

There is no fool like an old fool.

It's strange he loves room temperature beer.

They're getting away with it.

Now it's personal.

How many people have your name?


I have absolutely no idea.


They put on makeup every morning.

I'm still not giving up.

He has a reputation for being a skirt chaser.


I invited Stanley to eat dinner with us tomorrow.

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I told you to stay away.

Blow out the candles and make a wish!

The cedar count today is really high, so I might have to call work and tell them I'm too sick to go in.

Is there anything more I can do for you?

She is attracting comments from all quarters.

Your short hair suits you.

Benjamin has to be here.

I know exactly where Nick is.

Kamiya has been like this all week.

The heating is costing me more and more.

Joan dropped her husband like a hot potato.

Phiroze is in a lot of pain, but he says that he can take it.

I'm so worn out!


I have three sisters; one is a nurse and the others are students.

We could learn a lot from each other.

He is not angry anymore.


Isn't this what you've been dreaming about?


Go talk to them.

He is apt to leave his umbrella on the train.

Do you want me to wait?

My father may be sleeping.

We lost our way.

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Erwin loves the new toy that Rudolph gave him for his birthday.

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Did you tell Christopher to mow the lawn?

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Moving money and technology from one side of the globe to the other is not enough.


'Your offspring shall possess their enemies' gates, and in your seed shall be all nations blessed because you obeyed my command thus.'


He flinches whenever he hears a loud, sudden noise.

You're a good influence on them.

Axel saved me.

He has succeeded by virtue of his constant efforts rather than his talent.

There's a lot of money at stake in this transaction.


I need a bucket.

I must think over the matter before giving my answer.

That's what we do.

I don't know how old I am.

I used to think you were a nice guy.

My sister usually walks to school.

How long have you been waiting for the bus?


What time did they leave?


We're at war.

Tell us why you killed Darin.

What would you do with millions of dollars?


The Buddha became enlightened under a Bo tree in Bodh Gaya.

Without a doubt, that student is a prodigy.

Wilson yelled for help.

She dried her tears.

Now, Srinivas has a job.

I'm completely soaked from the rain. Can you drive over and pick me up right now?

It took Harry a long time to get over Guillermo's death.

My grandfather on my mother's side is celebrating his 60th birthday tomorrow.

Even Alex got up early today.

Go and talk to them.

I was just going to ask you the same question.

Leslie has been lying about that.

Chip couldn't figure out where the money came from.

That's not necessary.

What is it with you and motorbikes?


I'm studying French now.

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Maintaining a criminal in the jail is very expensive.

How are we going to repair this?

Tal is waiting in the living room.

Tell me about your new girlfriend.

It'll be chaos.


Your mother has always loved you.


Bruce certainly knows a lot of French.


Stay with us tonight.


I know you can make it better.


Set up paper cups in the cupcake baking tray.


We'll call you later.


What is Herman's side of the story?


Brandy was bitten by a cobra.

Kirk was wearing an old t-shirt with holes in it.

Children want their way and are bound to get into arguments.


Why didn't you tell me you needed my help?

He is at home in modern English literature.

Our teacher looks young for her age.

Dani and Dawn want our help.

Hold the handrail.


Is it really worth it?

You must not cross if there is a red light.

We're just following orders.

The vice president represented his country at the international conference.

We're trustworthy.

If you follow me, I'll show you the way to the hospital.

Silence implies consent.


I have to repair the refrigerator.

Red wine is beneficial, its secret lies in dosing.

I'm here with her.

Could you please get me a taxi?

You can't judge a person if you don't know him well.

How long is it since you bought this car?

It was so touching, I almost cried.

Finding a job is difficult.

She spoke with a suggestion of sarcasm in her voice.

Let me see your wound.

We need to colonize other planets.

You've been amazingly tolerant.

How did Joyce get out of jail?

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The doctor gave it to her.

Shamim got the job on the strength of your recommendation.

Should I take the picture with or without flash?

Whoever told you that is a liar.

Ralf took a lot of pictures at the party.

It caught everybody by surprise.

I just got married.

Are you tired, darling?

Do you really want me to buy this for you?

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I figured it might be better if I didn't talk to Josip.


Put his address down.

You are doing very well. Keep it up.

Child labour in Brazil is a serious social problem.

I used to cook three meals a day.

It wouldn't hurt to tell him.

I can understand your position.

Don't forget to answer the letter.

Can you remember the first time you swam?

Nathaniel took the pan off the stove.

It's only another false alarm.

There were some green beans on the plate.


Did Roger use to play hooky?


I have some information for Moran.

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I have things on my mind.

Whose umbrella is that?

Old people get sick easily.


He followed in his father's footsteps.

There are many islands in Greece.

Are you a model?


Ernst locked all the doors.


Tuan has one, too.

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I failed the exam because I didn't study.

What's the name of this flower with serrated petals? I tried looking it up in a encyclopedia, but I couldn't get anything.

Could you move forward so we can close the door?