Jupiter and Saturn are gas giants with over 60 moons each.

So long as men worship the Caesars and Napoleons, Caesars and Napoleons will duly rise and make them miserable.

They started using that house as a squat.

That really bothers me.


Mitchell was tired and discouraged.


Please put your cigarette out.

Everything goes in the dumpster.

It happens a lot.


Is that your house?

The substance can also destroy plants.

Do you think you can fix it?


It's not fake.

What do you think of her attitude?

I'm tormented by the noise of traffic.

I really do enjoy it.

May I ask what you are working on now?

Is that a crime?

The teacher has a loud, clear voice.

You must do work.

The small restaurant of today may be a big hotel tomorrow.

The teacher had to evaluate all the students.

Maybe you should turn off the TV.

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The original was stolen last year.

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She needed you.

Is this my life?

Nathaniel was babbling.


I didn't know you cared!

It is decisive for us that we win this game.

How far would Wes go?

Do you know Roman numerals?

It is a weird Mexican novel.

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I'm glad you're safe.

Shankar'll call in to see you after work.

You had better go.


Saify was impressed with Kriton's skill.

Would you tell me why you have refused their offer?

Jose didn't finish her lunch.

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He would not raise my salary.


They closed the shop.

Five and three is eight.

Should we worry?

Corey wants to talk.

I had to study French when I was in high school.

The castle was in disrepair.

I felt bad.

I'll stay until tomorrow.

The banker went to jail for fraud.


If I got a boyfriend, I'd want one who's at least 180 centimeters tall.

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If it doesn't happen, don't blame me.


Hello, what's that? Somebody doing street theatre or something?

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She lost her temper at the slightest provocation.


We have no special plans.

Have you ever shouted at Taninna?

Making a clean separation between the "useful" and the "useless" is about as straightforward as drawing the fine line between water and ice.

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Devon isn't as tall as me.

Which are the villages where your language is still spoken?

He told the boy to sharpen his pencil.

Cristina can't cook.

They got up.

The pilot is 30 years old.

What did you want to talk to me about?


Bring it closer.


Cats' eyes are very sensitive to light.


What's your favorite vegetable?

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Edmund is brushing his teeth.

Was Carisa telling the truth?

We were all ears when he started to tell us his secret.

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Angela has never given Valentin any jewelry.

He was completely tired from walking all day.

Jisheng is willing to cooperate.

I guess I shouldn't have done that.

Define for me stupidity!


It ain't over 'til it's over.


The nail went through the wall.

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Is the road wide enough for two-way traffic?

I shouldn't have told you anything.

It is rather cold again today, but tomorrow we expect the temperature to rise.

Clayton put an engagement ring on Tracy's finger.

You hate regulations.

Sridharan was asked to appear on television.

Shane has three cameras.

She doesn't have reason.

Not knowing what to do, I telephoned the police.

Ew! My uncle's basement smells of skunk!

I had to hurry the work.


Ramsey wants to say goodbye.

Everett never wears pink.

You have to put more coal in the stove.

It seems that you don't want to do it.

Nichael started to frantically tidy up his apartment after his mother rang to say she was coming around.

Exactly what was supposed to happen?

Don't be so suspicious.


A good idea occurred to him.

Several races live together in America.

Is your mom at home?


Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine in 1952.


You don't need to write more than 400 words.

I need to write an article on Japan's economy.

Language is the painting of our ideas.

I shouldn't really be here.

We could talk about her.

I keep a large dictionary close at hand when I read English magazines.

No, thank you. I don't want any more cake.

I am satisfied with the result of my math test.

I regret that I can't see you tonight.

Bernard began to get downhearted.

Eva and I are very good friends.

What's that you're working on?

You have nice skin.


I like the slow rhythm of that song.

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You know, when that guy drinks he changes. He keeps talking on and on, so I don't really want to drink with him.


Michel left the house without saying goodbye.

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What's that thing?


It's lunchtime!


Can you clean the mess up?

Vincent is very likely to come.

Kristian got up from the table.


I'd like to have breakfast with you.


Many people like to travel.

When I lived in the countryside, I could see millions of stars at night but I had no one with whom to share their splendor.

You can't eat your cake and have it.

His eyes are blue.

We aren't dead yet.

I wish I had time for a girlfriend.

What was your first tattoo?


Maybe Nou has problems.

Show me another one.

They have hope.

Timo let the cat in.

Do you think we convinced her?

They are Russian.

It's been an incredible experience.

The door has been forced.

Let's be serious.

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Ernst plowed the field.

I wouldn't mind helping them.

I thought Roxie had my back.

Mosur writes beautiful songs.

Being a teacher is hard work.

We look for good luck, bad luck looks for us.

You have already been to Berlin.


Look at that shooting star.

Kimberly will be staying with us for a while.

William's hobby was astronomy and he devoted most of his free time to making more and more powerful telescopes with which to look deeper into space.

I like skiing.

His hair got thinner and thinner.

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It's for free.


Linda likes the same kind of stuff that Kemal likes.

There will be no more economic cooperation between my country and yours.

Is Brandi sure?


Charles walked toward the far wall.

Rolfe likes to play baseball.

It's a very decorative plant.


There was food and drink in abundance at the party.

You must succeed after such efforts.

She takes after her mother.