You shouldn't accept sweets from strangers.

I don't know why they don't understand.

Jaime told Lila to be honest.

We are in good condition.

I'm not sure I can do it.

I want to give it to her.

Do you think I'm a fool?

We must learn to accept the people around us.

I'm just a plain old office worker.

Kathleen pulled a long face when he heard the story.

You're introverted.

He is scraping on the violin.

The nature is very rich in Albania.

Simon is an old footballer.

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If you have any complaints, let me know, and I'll look into them.


I didn't say I persuaded Vincenzo.


They hardly paused.

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An earthquake can take place at any time.


What would the prince like?

Antibiotics were discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Some electricians learn their trade within an apprenticeship system instead of going to college.

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The problem with many things is the pre-conceived ideas we have about them!

Is the dog in the yard?

She helps him.


You look like a ragamuffin.

Dominick knew Pandora would arrive late.

Hui couldn't contain himself.

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I often catch colds.

The bed at the hotel where I stayed was too soft.

Have you ever learned how to play the guitar?


Jacob struggled to justify what he'd done.


Do you think I care what you think of me?

Love is wonderful and beautiful.

He can understand everything you are saying.


Spock politely declined Claudia's invitation.

Would you care for more cookies?

I read in order to learn.

Lex is having lunch.

The sea is deep.


Alvin won't ever be able to forgive Syed for cheating on him.


Please don't allow that to happen.

Les fired three shots.

I didn't make a phone call either.

Those animals' behavior is absurd.

What makes you think that Jacobson is going to be late again?


How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?

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The snow fell quickly.

Plastic, what would anybody be looking for you for?

Mahmoud suggested that we call Spencer.

It is hard to get along on this small income.

In order to make us and everyone else remember this day, I ask everyone to plant a tree with us.


We knew we did nothing wrong.

It will be best if you stay at home to rest today.

Can I be your friend?

But it is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself.

I don't care to do it today.

All the evidence points to his guilt.

It's funny you should say that.

What did you say to Brodie?

He likes music a lot.

It was foolish of him to trespass against the law.

We can talk later.

I have no beef with Bea.

I love the mountains.

He is a brave and cheerful boy.

Practice safe text, use commas and never miss a period.


All people have seen that baby.

Chairs and tables were damaged.

Why would Brett need to do that?


Atomic bombs are a danger to the human race.

I am so busy that I can't help you.

There's an apostrophe missing. "It's" and "its" are different. -- I know. It was a typing error.

The tall woman wears jeans.

We haven't questioned Kate yet.

Did you consult with Sanity?

Why don't I do that?

What do you think went wrong?

We've had a lot of storms this winter.


I got the money back from him.


About thirty soldiers were wounded.

That's just how he is.

Today is your lucky day.


I keep meaning to organize my desk.

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Something's happened to Gary.

He is a good student.

I noticed him sneak into the room.


I fear that the ghost exists. It has been well known for three centuries, since 1584 in fact, and always makes its appearance before the death of any member of our family.

This isn't about money.

The reason I came to you is because I thought you could help.

How long has your country been independent?

These people are amateurs.

This song reminds me of the good old days.

Knapper described the scenes.

The bandits ran away when they heard the police siren.

We were supposed to meet in front of the library.


The book sells well.

I read a lot.

The Papal Nuncio is visiting our bishop.

What do you all want to do now?

Stagger called it a day.

You should talk to him, too.

Tell her that I am waiting for her.

My sole idea was to get there as fast as possible.

Why don't we do something else?

I hear with my ears.

Do you want to arm wrestle?


I won't be pushed into this.

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I've got to go to Boston.

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She's Caucasian.

There was a beautiful woman with black hair in the park.

Dan was released in 2006.

It should be decided in the next day or two.

The track meet was called off on account of the heavy rain.


I worked on a farm.

I saw him play baseball.

I'll get out of your way.

Have you ever been to Tokyo?

I broke off the engagement.

His mobile has been stolen.

In humans, the eyes act together with the brains.

Why is Clay so scared?

I like red roses.

I'd like to go to London.

Everyone's watching us.


That better not be him.


What are you using for bait?

The population of Russia, as well as its progress in civilization, has considerably increased within these last hundred years.

It was just an experiment.

The president of Tanzania was on a state visit to Finland in 1998 together with his wife.

I don't think you heard what I said.

Dad isn't home.

The result is a continual search for food in a changing environment.

What happens if Marek doesn't pass?

I felt excruciating pain in my left big toe.

No one noticed her absence until the end of the meeting.

Do you shower every day?

Please open the document I sent; it is at the end of this message.

Kathryn has done nothing but complain.

Elliot can't decide.

I'm not buying two books, just one.

I've got a big surprise for you.

I'm glad that your team won the game.

What a stroke of luck!

When I hear that song, I think about the place where I grew up.


He went into the bank.

We'll find a solution, I'm sure.

I found a beautiful shell on the shore.

Please get it.

Hienz dried himself with a towel.

Is there anyone who can't come tomorrow?

The king exacted taxes from his people.

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I just decided to do it.

Manuel appears nervous.

He still hasn't responded.

I forgot that the daily rate included breakfast.

Matthias is wealthy, isn't he?

It's a quaint old village.

Hand me that plank.

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A heart attack often comes like lightning from a blue sky.

Raskolnikov is the protagonist of the book of Crime and Punishment written by Dostoevsky.

All the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.

Our atmosphere contains 21% oxygen, which is necessary for us to breathe, 78% nitrogen, and .9% argon. The other 0.1% consists of water vapor, carbon dioxide, neon, methane, krypton, helium, xenon, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and ozone.

I'm not in a position to answer that question.

Is that so hard to do?

The townspeople like to eat thick steaks.

He is not better off because he is poorly paid.

She and I usually have the same opinion.