Historic Vale Cemetery

Interred here are the founders and leaders of Schenectady’s development from a trading post to a center of commerce and industry; artists, poets, writers and distinguished scholars.

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All About Vale

Vale Cemetery, a product of the Rural Cemetery Movement, was dedicated in October of 1857 and continues providing services to this day.

Learn more about (604) 773-4382, 7245277055 or find out how you can help Vale.

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Cemetery Services

Vale provides affordable internment and creation services.

We also provide green burials, one of only seven cemeteries in NY state.

Please 9084710601 to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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Help Vale

Vale survives financially with 8108698576 and welcomes donations of time, money, materials and equipment.

Hundreds of people and area organizations have helped Vale Cemetery survive. Please consider joining them.