I missed my favourite series.

He gave a sigh of relief.

Wash the quince thoroughly.

They say nothing is impossible.


I presume you are aware of the difficulties.

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This is an open source project.

Ric looked around.

That explains a lot.

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He pretended ignorance, which made me still more angry.


Why can't we go visit him?


I'm acquainted with King.

Don't talk to Jun like that.

This is on sale.


Why do you think I should study French?

Bonnie is related to me.

I wanted to make sure you told them that.

I can't really help you at all.

Remind me again what we've been discussing up to now?


You have nothing to be sorry for.

His hands feel rough.

I'm very miserable.

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Donate what you're willing to donate.

The public was shocked.

He was out of shape when he took a long hike with his sons, and he was stiff and sore the next day.

I won't let them do it.

They love music.

I didn't mean to hurt Jean.

They say that to see is to believe.

I locked myself out of my apartment.

Maybe I'll bring them.

I was tempted to call in sick.

I think I'd have done the same thing.


Take me to your place.


Everybody, come here.

Nikolai can't come in.

There are lots of clouds in the sky today.

Pria was annoyed when Carlo turned up unannounced, because it wasn't a convenient time for her.

It was a daring adventure, full of thrill and excitement.


Don't underestimate his determination.

My life is falling apart.

The rise in house prices enabled him to sell his house at a big profit.

I wanted Jussi to look at me instead of Elias.

Please allow me.


Would you like to go have a drink?

He lives in a dry country.

I've got a birthday coming up.


Is Vivek cleaning his room now?

Pitawas was attacked by a grizzly bear.

It's important for every musician to ensure there is variety in their repertoire.

Do you like blue cheese?

I never want to see you again.

There was a cheese and wine reception.

She said she can't come, what a party pooper!


Ian spent a few years in Boston when he was in college.

I'll kick your ass if I see you around again.

I went shopping to buy something.


His lie weighed on his conscience.

Saify really enjoys watching basketball.

We all like to ride bikes.


I hope Bryce feels better.


If everyone pitches in, we can do it.


I am not a liberal.


Look at that image.

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You should be smiling, Mick.

Don't you think that most people on 2chan are idiots?

She told everybody at work.

At least we'll be safe here.

Jeffie said he has a lot of homework to do tonight.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

I've always taken care of you, haven't I?

He came hoping to meet you.

Kathryn is giddy.

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Dead-end jobs are not only unlikely to be lucrative over the long haul, they're unlikely to provide much scope for talent.

His appearance deceived me.

Nhan is quite aggressive.

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She fears for her life.

An army was being gathered.

Nichael is completely unfazed.

I have time, so I'll do it.

We've never talked about it.

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The area of Canada is greater than that of the United States.

Daddy's working.

God can do anything!

I think we're all a bit loco.

Tell him about it.

I guess you have changed a lot. I imagine what kind of beautiful young lady you've become...

Be yourself!

She escaped with her mother to Canada.

I'm not a good singer.

That's a lot!

They don't know anything.

You can't eat the money.

How could you make such a mistake?

I'll make some peanut butter.

We've been looking for Ann.

Vicky drives Nadeem up the wall.

I consider Seenu one of my closest friends.


Ozan wanted Anton to stay longer.

I like my coffee with lots of foam on the top.

I'm dying to see Kumiko.

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What makes you think I want to spend Christmas with Anderson?


As soon as he comes back, let me know.

Is this Mr Crouch?

Let's do it your way.

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Rajiv has a steady girlfriend.

He is in the habit of taking a walk before breakfast.

Do you think I talk too much?

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There was a smash-up out on Route 66 today.

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That pizza looks delicious.

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I'm sorry, I know I was out of line.


This is an important time.

Donald and Page never got along.

Return to your post.


It's time for a change.

How did the news get out?

She made him clean his room.

Our attitude toward plants is singularly narrow.

Jacques grew a beard.


It's possible, right?

I think that's Kenton.

A soccer team consists of eleven players.


May your belongings be new, may your friends be old.

He brought it up first, but he didn't show up. What's going on?

If you find a job you really love, you'll never work again.

She gave him something cold to drink.

"Don't lie" doesn't necessarily means "tell the truth".


In believing him to be an honest man, I was seriously in error.

I'm late for lunch.

Robbin looks younger than I expected.

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Tran is doing all right.


Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

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I have a deadline to meet.

Lucy found Thierry.

Stop monkeying around!

I had some.

His real name's Steve.


The old man served the king for many years.

A steam engine transforms heat into power.

I'll kick your head off.

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Who will succeed the throne?

Such is life.

That's pretty awesome!

He can not have passed the exam.

It barely ever rains here.

It was due a week ago, namely on April second.

Kent is the night janitor.

If you have any problems, call.

Are you available next week for a follow-up interview?


Why did you shoot me?

It is cheaper to go by bus.

Who gets to tell them?

I can hear everything.

The committee consists of seven scholars.


The more I study for an exam, the worse I do! I guess correlation does not imply causation.

Dorothy the Saturnian decided to set out for Venus over summer break to meet Neville the Venusian, who he met on Twitter.

Not everyone can afford a car.


You look as your father looked thirty years ago.